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This is the Blog Page of Craige Barker a Manchester Wedding Photographer and he hopes that these pages will give you an example of his work and he hopes you like them. If you have any comments please leave them in the provided box and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope you like the shots.


New Proposal Adventurer

Proposal ShootProposal Proposal Shoot Hilton Manchester Cloud 23 Captured Proposals

A few weeks ago I was asked by my friend, Naomi Timperley, to meet up with a guy she had met with a great idea. I met with Rob Illidge at the studio on Oldham Street to discuss his plans. He didn’t want to give too much away but I knew it was about photography.

We met and he explained his idea, it’s not totally new but he believes the first business of it’s kind in the UK. His company, Captured Proposals, are assisting couples in creating great proposal situations and ensuring that the proposal is captured in a candid or paparazzi style of photography. Proposal ShootProposal ShootProposal Shoot Hilton Manchester Cloud 23 Captured Proposals

I already capture weddings so doing proposals seemed like a natural inclusion in my work. I said yes and we have been working towards our first shoots. 

Our first customer was Imtiaz and Anisa, I've known Imtiaz for years and he called me to discuss a proposal and wedding shoot, not knowing about Rob’s idea. He and Rob discussed some ideas and they decided on The Hilton hotel Manchester.19092249-48DF-44D2-9F06-37E86CF807B7.png

ProposalProposal ShootProposal Shoot Hilton Manchester Cloud 23 Captured Proposals

The shoot was in Cloud 23 in the Hilton. I did a recce two days before to see what the lighting would be like at 6 o'clock. It was very dark but I thought with the camera equipment we had we should be able to pull it off. We reserved a table for the proposal couple and the table for ourselves, I was joined by Angela a photographer who has helped me on other wedding shoots.A492F7FB-D3F8-47C4-87BD-8626CAE8A3CF.png

Obviously we couldn't use flash because that would make us standout. We had to capture the amazing view at the same time of the couple proposing which made all the lighting problems a bigger issue.

CB1_0020Proposal ShootProposal Shoot Hilton Manchester Cloud 23 Captured Proposals

On the actual night of the proposal I waited in reception and attempted to capture shots from the stairs ensuring that the Anisa didn't see me. I have not been so excited about a shoot for a long time. I thought she was going to see me but the environment helped to produce a natural cover. ProposalProposal ShootProposal Shoot Hilton Manchester Cloud 23 Captured Proposals CB1_0046Proposal ShootProposal Shoot Hilton Manchester Cloud 23 Captured Proposals DADBAF3D-A0E0-4BEA-A46C-4464250A56E6.png

Angela was waiting upstairs for the couple to exit the lift and she took over until I got upstairs. 

We continued snapping away upstairs and were amazed at how easy it is to pretend your shooting around and not be detected. 

Anyway, Imtiaz went down on one knee to propose and totally blocked the shot. I was trying to shoot around him but he kept covering the shot, I still think that even with these issues we managed to Capture the Proposal correctly. She said yes and there was a small cheer around the bar.

We are now planning the wedding photography.

untitled-3620Proposal ShootProposal Shoot Hilton Manchester Cloud 23 Captured Proposals



Getting Stylish at Styal Mill


Wedding Style Mill Cheshire _DSC2787


Quarry Bank mill is a stunning location for a wedding so I was delighted when I discovered that I would be photographing Robyn and Simon’s wedding there.  




The estate offers a huge range of magnificent photo opportunities which we discovered when we went for a pre-shoot a few weeks before the wedding. The great thing about doing a pre-shoot is that it gives you a great feel for the venue and ideas for potential shots; and a place like Quarry Bank Mill has so much to offer from intimate portraits in their gardens to dramatic vista shots in front of the watermill.


Wedding Style Mill Cheshire in the Fields_DSC2729


We had a great day exploring the place and posing for pictures, but we were still missing that big ‘album shot’. As we were standing facing Styal Mill admiring the architecture and all the windows on the building we had a ‘light bulb’ moment.  We could take a huge wide-angle picture of the Robyn and Simon posing in the middle window of the mill. The only problem was that the windows didn’t open enough to be able to see them properly. 


Wedding at Style Mill in Cheshire for Robyn and Simon.DSC_9168


Styal Mill were incredibly accommodating – not only did they agree for us to do it, but they also offered to remove the entire window on the wedding day so we could get the perfect shot! As the big day approached I was worried that they might change their mind or decide it wasn’t safe, but as promised they supplied a joiner who took out the window so we could get this amazing image. The only thing that Robyn and Simon had to worry about was not getting vertigo whilst they posed.


Wedding at Style Mill in Cheshire  for Robyn and Simon._DSC2803


Now the Quarry Bank Mill have asked to use this image on their website and literature. Check out their website: 


Wedding Photographs on Free iPad

Manchester Wedding Photographer_CB11377


The Wedding Photograph Album has become the latest casualty in the digital war as the iPad and other tablets make it easier to share and pass photographs around. Having a leather bound tome in the cupboard appears to becoming a thing of the past. 

Jimmy Choo Shoes _CB10918

Couples appear to be choosing a select few pictures printed for the wall and then creating digital albums for the rest of the photos.




Brides and Grooms have enough on their plates to decide, (ahh yes and the plates) without the worry of the Wedding Album. So to make life easier we've decided to include a FREE iPad with EVERY wedding package from now on! 


Gorton Monastery Wedding _DSC5472

The iPads are supplied by Apple engraved with the couples names on the back. Yes both names to stop arguments on who owns it in the future! 



Gorton Monastery ManchesterDSC_9824


Now were not saying we wont supply a traditional album but at prices from about £500 we believe that you may have something else you need to buy for your big day



T&Cs apply but call for details


Craige 07968 146210

Behind the scenes at Manchester Town Hall’s Wedding Fair


Wedding Fair Manchester_CB11808


Saturday’s wedding fair at Manchester Town Hall was a superb event. The place was packed with couples checking out the vintage buses, exhibitors, sampling buffet food and or course watching Melanie James catwalk show, which I also had the pleasure of photographing.


Wedding Fair Manchester 2_CB11895

The audience were treated to an hour-long show where she showcased 38 of her stunning designs. Every single one was incredible; they’re all hand-made vintage wedding dresses with accessories to die for. The dresses combined with Zowie Pointing’s Hairdessing work and Emmelia Clarke's Makeup work made it a killer show.

Wedding Fair Manchester 3_CB11881

Of course no ‘wedding day’ is complete without a hitch, luckily when the string quartet were delayed for the first catwalk session Vintage78 DJs stepped in with his decks. The models sashaying down the run way to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald suited the style of the dresses perfectly.

Wedding Fair Manchester 4_CB12003

If photographing the catwalk wasn’t enough, I was also give special permission to photograph the dresses in parts of the Town Hall that wedding photographers don’t normally get to access. Usually at a wedding there isn’t time to do this, so I took full advantage of going behind the scenes and scouting out new and exciting backdrops for the next wedding.  I can’t imagine many other wedding photographers in Manchester getting to do that before! 

Wedding Fair Manchester 5DSC_9118

All in all it was a brilliant day. The eight models did a great job with so many dress and were professional throughout, Zowie’s make up was impeccable, but of course Melanie’s dresses absolutely stole the day.

Wedding Fair Manchester 7DSC_9121

Wedding Fair Manchester 6_CB12052

Baby Keelan’s photo shoot


Keelan Shot 1DSC_9336

On the days when I’m not being a wedding photographer you will often find me doing baby shoots around Manchester. This Sunday eight-month-old Keelan was brought in by his mum for a series of photos to help him become a baby model.

Keelan Baby Shot 2DSC_9271

Photographing babies and toddlers is always an energetic shoot because they love to wriggle around so you have to be on your toes for that perfect snap before they crawl away, cry or fall asleep. But Keelan was an absolute delight to photograph and is probably one of the best-behaved babies I’ve worked with – he’s handsome, loved the camera and never stopped smiling – everything you want in a baby model.

Keelan Baby Shot 3DSC_9296






Keelan Baby Shot 4DSC_9277









The saying goes never work with children or animals but Keelan was definitely an exception to the rule. If you’d like to work with Keelan and his mum, contact me through twitter @craigeb.









Quick Preview of Wedding Fair In Manchester

Just a few pictures from todays wedding fair at Manchester Town Hall. Dresses by Melanie James


Manchester Wedding FairDSC_9118









Wedding Fair Manchester _CB12052











Manchester Wedding FairDSC_9121 Manchester Wedding Fair_CB11808

Taking to the catwalk for Manchester Town Hall Wedding Fair



Melanie James Shop_CB11683

This Saturday Manchester Town Hall is opening its doors for its first wedding fair of 2013. But this time I won’t be there as a wedding photography exhibitor, instead I’m going to be on the catwalk photographing their main event – the bridal fashion show. Taking centre stage in the Great Hall is bespoke wedding dress designer Melanie James who will be showcasing her collection and unveiling an exclusive new design. As a Manchester wedding photographer this is definitely an early highlight of the year - I’ll be shooting stunning vintage dresses in one of Manchester city centre’s most atmospheric venues. You don’t have to be a wedding photographer to appreciate the amazing setting!


Even though it’s a catwalk-show it’s still going to have that wedding feel because I’ll also be behind the scenes shooting the models as they get ready with Melanie James and make-up artist Zowie Pointing


Having had a sneak-preview of some of the dresses, it’s without doubt an event not to be missed, so much so that they’re putting on two catwalk sessions – the first at 12pm and second at 3pm.  

But if you can’t make it I’ll be putting up a selection of photographs from the event on my blog afterwards. 


The Wedding Fair is on from 10am-4pm, entrance is free and there’s no need to book or have tickets. For more information go to, Manchester Town Hall Wedding Fair.

Wedding Fair Manchester



Manchester Wedding Fair manchester_wedding_fair Can't Wait for the Wedding Fair this week at Manchester Town Hall. further details later this week.

Wedding Practice Shoot at Belle Epoque

Alex in Wedding Dress_CB12904


Wedding Photographers from the Manchester area got together at Belle Epoque in Knutsford to photograph some of the latest dresses on the market and swap and share photography tips.

The models are either photographers themselves or were partners to other members of the team. 

Great day had by all and special thanks to the Belle Epoque for their hospitality.  

Alex posing_CB12899 Visit the website at:




Wedding SHoot_CB12841








Peter as a Groom_CB12809










Wedding Photographers Manchester _CB12819











Further pictures at


Steph and Pauls Wedding at The Monastery,

"Manchester Wedding Photographer" "Wedding Photographer Manchester" 07968 146210_CB11377

Here are a few pictures from last weekends wedding at the fantastic Gorton Monastery in Manchester. I do love this venue as it has all the ceremony of a cathedral but is relaxed as it's civil and the little bit of decay helps with the pictures. I love being a wedding photographer in Manchester when you get amazing venues like this. Thank you Steph and Paul for letting me be part of the day. Howard Wing the singer and compere  was amazing and made the day for everybody.  


"Manchester Wedding Photography"_CB11627









"Manchester Wedding Photography"_CB11521




_CB11199 Manchester Wedding Photographer_CB11519 Howard Wing_CB11624


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